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Monday, February 28th, 2005
10:42 pm - Comics

Prologue, Page 4
Prologue, Page 5

current mood: busy

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Friday, February 18th, 2005
5:29 am - Links

Oh, right ... comics. :P I'm just awesome at keeping this thing updated, aren't I?

Prologue, Cover
Prologue, Page 1
Prologue, Page 2
Prologue, Page 3

See you Monday!

current mood: silly

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Monday, February 14th, 2005
12:02 am - Launch

I don't expect this community to take off for some time, but I figured I'd get it started all the same.

(Childish aside: First post, yaaay! :P)

I may launch the forums at Drunk Duck, I may not. I figure I'll wait and see how this works out for now. As with many other LJ webcomic communities, I'll try to post regular links to the comic when a new page goes up.

Now back to writing.

Start at the beginning.

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